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Heidi Marie Arrington

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[The Basics]
Name/Age: Heidi/16
Location: killingly,ct
Sexual Preference:confused

What is your passion in life: to make the ppl round me happy
5 Hobbies/Interests:
[*] drawing
[*] guitar
[*] dancing in my room
[*] rolln the sts.
[*] being with u
Are you a straight edge:idk
Are you virgin:bad news yes...
College (if not now, in the future?)maybe idk looks like im a drop out
Graduation year(highschool/college...estimated):2006
Cutting?class yes me not ne more
Self Mutilation?nope
Barbie Dolls?yes.. burn them
Sabrina or Boy Meets World.(this question IS important)hello im old skool... fresh prince

Quote:i love you
Movies (5):
[*] napolean dynomite
[*] without a paddle
[*] white chicks
[*] bride of chuckie
[*] pitch black
Kind of music:
Song(if not just one, then post a maximum of three):im a barbie gurl
Talk Show:jerry
Horror Movie:dont have one
Fast Food Resturant:wendys
Type of Cheese:only orange n package kind
Subject in school:*study halls and lunch dont count*dont have one
Pattern:blue pink black

Will you be active enough that you can post at LEAST once a week and vote constantly:yeah
Will you be a dedicated member, and post honestly:hello i dont have a life
Tell us/show us something funny:d00d ur sprinklers broken on section c36
Why do you think you qualify of being a broken heart?(give story):cuz i love you guys.. n my life is full of entrys.. n well there is nothing to do here
[x] Post ONE picture of your current bf/gf/crush (it CAN be a celeb!!):

[x] Post 3 to 5 clear pictures of yourself:
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