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[The Basics]
Name/Age: Sarah, 16
Location: Colorado
Sexual Preference:Females

What is your passion in life: Music
5 Hobbies/Interests:
[*] Singing
[*] Dancing
[*] Listening to music
[*] Being with friends
[*] Writing & poetry
Are you a straight edge:Not quite 0:-)
Are you virgin:Not anymore..:-/
College (if not now, in the future?)Julliard, maybe somewhere in hawaii or california for law if not julliard
Graduation year(highschool/college...estimated):2006, maybe this year if i'm realllly good
Cutting?Something that's real
Self Mutilation?Something that's personal
Barbie Dolls?Something to play with
Contacts/Glasses?sunglasses 8-)
Sabrina or Boy Meets World.(this question IS important) Dang i sat here for like 12 minutes. I say both. I used to watch them both obsessively. Why can't sabrina just use her power JUST ONE EPISODE where that's not the issue.
Movies (5):
[*] Butterfly effect
[*] Thirteen
[*] Shawshank Redemption
[*] A walk to remember
[*] Two queer as folk episodes. About as long as a movie.
Kind of music:Any, I'm eclectic.
Song(if not just one, then post a maximum of three): Kissed by a rose-seal
You are not alone-Michael jackson
Keep on singin my song-Christina agruilera
Talk Show:Ellen
Horror Movie:The excorsist
Fast Food Resturant:Chipotle
Type of Cheese:Ghouda
Subject in school:*study halls and lunch dont count*English
Pattern:Polka dots

Will you be active enough that you can post at LEAST once a week and vote constantly:honestly? mostly every week, not every week. I have school, a job, and a mom who is in and out of the hospital, and endless doctors appts
Will you be a dedicated member, and post honestly: Yea
Tell us/show us something funny:
Why do you think you qualify of being a broken heart?(give story): I was convinced i was a lesbian.. Now i'm forced to say i'm bi but i prefer females. I met this guy who swept me off my feet. I felt like i was literally flying, every time i looked into his eyes, its like i found my soulmate and i knew it after a day of talking to him...just talking, forever...We became best friends but "he doesnt like me like that" and i have to watch him date all these people that he likes, and stay by his side because i'm not a fair weather friend.
[x] Post ONE picture of your current bf/gf/crush (it CAN be a celeb!!):

[x] Post 3 to 5 clear pictures of yourself:

"be my chemical romance"
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