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[The Basics]
Name/Age: Savannah / 16
Location: Killingly CT
Sex: femme
Sexual Preference: ooohoooh boys
What is your passion in life: wow, this one's really hard... umm... to make things with my hands like knitting and sewing and the such.
5 Hobbies/Interests:
[*] knitting
[*] reading
[*] looking at boys
[*] being with friends
[*] spending quality time with the fam
Are you a straight edge: more of a line with a few bumps. My past is a little harsh
Are you virgin: yes and proud
Religion: catholic
College (if not now, in the future?) still questionable
Graduation year(highschool/college...estimated): h.s.- 2006
Cutting? myself: no, food: yes
Self Mutilation? no
Barbie Dolls? fun fun fun. Still have em
Contacts/Glasses? both, though glasses never see the light of day
Sabrina or Boy Meets World.(this question IS important)Boy Meets World
Quote: There are actually 2 I like exactly equally "A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”- Ingrid Bergman "I have no regrets. I wouldn't have lived my life the way I did if I was going to worry about what people were going to say.” - Ingrid Bergman
Movies (5):
[*] The Goonies
[*] The Lost Boys
[*] Dirty Dancing
[*] Grease
[*] Beauty and the Beast
Kind of music: pretty much everything
Song(if not just one, then post a maximum of three): "Hungry Eyes" from Dirty Dancing, "Time of my life" from Dirty Dancing
Talk Show: Live With Regis and Kelly
Horror Movie: Halloween Series
Fast Food Resturant: Panda Express
Type of Cheese: Provolone
Color: orange
Subject in school:*study halls and lunch dont count* U.S. History
Pattern: stripes

Will you be active enough that you can post at LEAST once a week and vote constantly: Yea
Will you be a dedicated member, and post honestly: absolutley
Tell us/show us something funny: me with my huge glasses. Katie, Sharie you know what I'm talkin' about
Why do you think you qualify of being a broken heart?(give story): My life has been nothing but a broken heart. At 10 I was ripped from the only life I'd ever known and was relocated to Texas. Hated the first year down there, had no friends at all. hit 8th grade became happy, got friends, then was ripped from somewhere I had come to love and moved back to the same place that harboured all my bad childhood memories. Haven't talked to anyone from Texas in 3 years, haven't been truly happy since I was down there. Also any boy I have EVER EVER liked has flipped out when they found out about it, 'cept for the older ones. anywho so yeah nothing but a broken heart.
[x] Post ONE picture of your current bf/gf/crush (it CAN be a celeb!!): look at my icon please, I can't post it on here for some reason.

[x] Post 3 to 5 clear pictures of yourself: I don't have any pictures of myself at all, whatsoever. I'm very sorry. I'll try to get some, but it'll take time cuz I still have film from when I was 3 to develop. I'll try really hard though.
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