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[The Basics]
Name/Age: Brittany-Leigh / 14
Location: Hammonton, NJ
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight

What is your passion in life:
5 Hobbies/Interests:
[*] scuba diving
[*] snorkeling
[*] going to the mall
[*] haning out with friends
[*] taking pictures
Are you a straight edge: no, not really
Are you virgin: no
Religion: i don't have one- i believe in god just not organized religion
College (if not now, in the future?) yes, i want to be a marine biologist
Graduation year(highschool/college...estimated): 2008
Cutting? i used to, but i can't stand that i did it when i think about it
Self Mutilation? never went that far
Barbie Dolls? i used to play with them when i was like 8 (?)
Contacts/Glasses? neither
Sabrina or Boy Meets World.(this question IS important) Sabrina

Quote: "sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done" Madonna
Movies (5):
[*] Grind
[*] Sixteen Candles
[*] Grease
[*] Cruel Intentions
[*] The Breakfast Club
Kind of music: rock
Song(if not just one, then post a maximum of three): Sweet Home Alabama_ Lynyrd Skynyrd
Talk Show: Whose Line Is It Anyway..?
Horror Movie: Freddys Dead
Fast Food Resturant: Taco Bell
Type of Cheese: American
Color: Red or Black
Subject in school:*study halls and lunch dont count* Fashion Design
Pattern: strips..? is that what you mean't?

Will you be active enough that you can post at LEAST once a week and vote constantly: Yes.
Will you be a dedicated member, and post honestly: Yes, most likely. I have no life
Tell us/show us something funny: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v709/x1bleeding4you3x/Backgrounds/tounges001.jpg me being a loser
Why do you think you qualify of being a broken heart?(give story): when you've known someone your entire life and 13 years later you get a chance. and your parents find out and want to kill him and the last time you saw him he gave you a ride on a harley and told you he'd love you forever.
[x] Post ONE picture of your current bf/gf/crush (it CAN be a celeb!!):
his name is Steven Robert Morehouse *smiles*

[x] Post 3 to 5 clear pictures of yourself:




really bad one but atleast i can admit it.
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